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Many people believe that a digital camera placed in their hands qualifies them as a professional photographer. It is what some manufacturers use as an advertising tool to entice you to purchase their equipment.

Can anyone take amazing photographs with the right equipment? Sure, it is possible under the right circumstances. Does this automatically make the person a professional photographer?

No, it does not.

It takes years of working at your craft to achieve the level of professionalism that people expect with their portraits and special events.

It has become an everyday practice to ask an uncle, an aunt, or a friend to attempt to capture your special moments, but given the nature of your special event, a mistake may cause you to loose a “once in a lifetime” photograph.

While today’s advanced cameras have automated nearly all settings, it is still the eye and skill of the photographer that creates the perfect shot. Composition, light manipulation, poses, custom effects, and many other aspects of the process still require the photographer’s skill and expertise.

Another often overlooked aspect of today’s digital equipment is the skill required to process the digital image to achieve the perfect photograph. The job of the professional photographer is to provide the client with a professional end product that best reflects the subject and surroundings.

Digital media and advancements in production software allow the professional photographer to make adjustments and corrections in the “raw” digital photograph to make sure nothing distracts the viewer from the subject of the photograph.

The software professional photographers utilize for this work costs thousands of dollars and takes a great deal of time to master. It’s not enough to simply rely on the camera and hope for the best.



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